January 17, 2017

Let Go to Grow

I’m sure you know someone who just can’t get it all done during the day. Or someone whose business is not growing. Maybe that’s you?

We all have to step back from time to time and look at what we are getting paid to do. And then we have to focus our energy on doing that 90% of the time. When coaching people I ask them to hold a Family Board of Directors Meeting and ask the family where they should be spending the majority of their time. It’s important to get the entire family’s buy in so that everybody understands when you make the necessary changes in focus.

Several years ago I sat down with my family and told them they all owned a piece of Home Town Mortgage. My kids were very excited. I told them that as board members they needed to help me decide where I should spend my time. I explained that most of my business came from real estate agents and that I made money when I did a loan application. If I did that enough, I could use some of the money I made to buy their softball bats, dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. They then understood why I took calls during their practices, or why I was sometimes late or might step out of things they were participating in.

Because I had their buy in and understanding, I had the backing I needed from them to focus on the two things that could make my business thrive: talking to real estate agents and writing loans. If they knew that’s how I was spending my time, they were happy. After all, they wanted more bicycles and motorcycles!

Let go of some of the stuff you are doing each day and focus on the things that will be the best for your bottom line. Yes, you might have to hire someone to help you with the mundane things, but make sure you use that newly acquired time to do the things your Family Board wants you to do in order to be successful.


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