August 23, 2016

To Give is to Receive

Last week, on three separate occasions, friends that I greatly admire and respect contacted me out of the blue to offer advice and encouragement to me in my business. I don’t know if I planted these seeds or someone else planted them for me, but it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that I just experienced, in a big way, one of the basic tenets of the Bass-Ackwards approach:

To give is to receive.

So, now is a good time to remind myself – and you – of some closely related principles.

You can’t get referrals until you give them. You can’t experience passion unless you help others find theirs. You can’t have hope without helping others find hope. You can’t be trusted until you trust. You can’t feel love unless you show it to others. And maybe the hardest one for all of us, it’s just as important to receive gladly as it is to give.

Try spending your day helping others and soon some of them will spend their day helping you.

Thanks Susan, Ben and Phil for making my day!

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