January 18, 2016

Break the Rules

The best ideas are often the result of someone breaking the rules.  Revolutionary products like cars, computers and cell phones would never have been invented if those involved in their development had accepted the status quo.  New approaches to providing products and services – drive-through windows, self-checkout at grocery stores and fancy new ways to sell coffee – are all a result of at least one person saying, “This is something that could be done in a new way.”

Of course breaking the rules doesn’t mean doing something illegal or unethical.  It means changing the approach, discarding what is expected, fighting back against what has been accepted as the only way.  If you’d like to start breaking the rules, check out DaVinci and the 40 Answers – forty questions you can ask yourself to help find your rule breaker idea.   http://www.amazon.com/Da-Vinci-Answers-Mark-Fox/dp/193222663X

If you look at successful sales people, you will find they break the rules often, and do things much differently than the more mediocre performers in their offices.

I suggest you break some rules this week – and let me know what you learn from the experience.



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