February 22, 2017

Being Purposeful

Anders Ericsson is credited with the philosophy that in order to be an expert you need 10,000 hours of practice. But he says the greatest of us not only put in the practice but we put in a PURPOSEFUL practice. We practice something we could not do before, we practice how we are doing it and then what we can do to get better.

Ericsson says you have to get out of your comfort zone and do something you couldn’t or wouldn’t do before. Sometimes you’ll run into a wall but the best among us find ways to get around or over that wall. We have to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. We try differently not harder.

One of the things I find when coaching others is that they don’t know who they want to meet. How can you meet a potential buyer of your product if you haven’t determined who your potential buyers are?

Start now.
Build a list of the TOP 100 people you need to meet this year.
Be purposeful about making this list.
Think differently about your approach.
Then go forward meeting these people who could change your life.

That’s what the greats do.

Watch this video for a way you can be more purposeful today!


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