June 23, 2015

Does your whiskey have a story?

Last weekend I visited the Wizard.

If you don’t know about the Wizard of Ads, you need to – particularly if you own or run a small business.  Located in the Hill Country outside of Austin, TX is the Wizard Academy, a collection of medieval-style buildings on a beautiful tract of land . On Friday, Mary and I arrived and walked from the Enchanted Emporium through the Garden of Joy, past the Chapel Dulcinea to the Tower and through a door on the third floor where we were introduced to a fascinating cast of characters and given an opportunity to taste a variety of scotch whiskies from around the world. My kind of happy hour.

What was interesting was, although a few of the scotches were very distinct, what made some truly memorable were the stories behind them. The Wizard Academy sees storytelling as such a critical component in a product’s success that they are offering a Whiskey Sommelier class in September with an emphasis on the telling of the stories.

As the Wizard Academy puts it, “Passing on the passion and romance of whiskey is all about stories. How do you sell upscale products or services, especially in our changing economy? The same way successful people always have: with language that has a sense of glamor, mystery, and magic; with messaging that doesn’t just tell people “what,” or “how,” but strongly communicates “why”.

The story changes the way you view a product, the way you experience it, and your perceptions about it.

Storytelling is key.

What’s the story you’re telling about your product or service?

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