September 28, 2015

It’s About Time

People complain a lot about time. They don’t have enough of it. They don’t have time to market their businesses or meet with new prospects. They don’t have time to plan, write, evaluate, celebrate. You get the point, right?

Well, here’s the answer for how to have more time. Book it!

We are in charge of our own time and only lose it because we let others take control of it. Case in point: we begin the day checking emails. It’s only 8:30 am and already we’re focusing on the requests of others and their time lines. Control lost.

What if the first thing you did every morning was the thing you were most excited about doing that day? How about coming in and spending the first two hours doing just the things you’ve decided to focus on? Do either of these and BAM! – you’ve changed your entire day for the better.

Real estate agents are particularly good at doing this. Call one and you’ll probably hear a voicemail saying that phone calls are returned at certain times during the day. The agent has decided what to focus on and when. The bottom line is they have taken control.

Develop that attitude. You are in charge of your time – not anyone else. Schedule yourself to be unavailable so that you are available for the work you love!


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