March 21, 2017

The Power of Mentoring

Other people are important in your life.

Who was your favorite coach or teacher? Say it out loud!

Coaching and counseling require a relationship to be successful – a relationship that changes you. But you only get better if the relationship is good and there is TRUST.

To begin to make changes you need new equipment – new hardware. You need to rewire your thoughts. Good relationships help you do that. They say that behind every good man there is a great woman, but sometimes there is also a great man. Behind the great baseball player Larry Jones, Jr. there was Larry Jones, Sr. Look that one up!

Even with great relationships galore, you can’t get better until you realize that you are ultimately in charge of YOU. You control the habits – good and bad. You decide that every opportunity is in your hands and you must perform to the best of your ability. Then you can’t blame your failures on someone or something else.

The question is: who are you in relationship with and are they people who can help you get where you want to go?

On the other hand, who are you coaching? Do you challenge them to be their best selves?

You get better yourself when you teach others!

Dr. Henry Cloud writes about all of this in his book, The Power of the Other. Thanks to Michelle Velchek for giving me this great book and opening my eyes to some new ways of thinking about helping others.

For more about mentoring, take a look at the video below. I posted it on Facebook last week but for those who missed it, here’s another opportunity.


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