November 16, 2015

Ask More Questions

Sales professionals will insist that they ask questions during a sales call, five to ten on average. But when their calls are videotaped, a replay will often illustrate that the real number is only one or two.

Successful sales people ask at least 50% more questions than unsuccessful ones.

Asking questions will allow your customers to open up, but it will also put you more in control of each situation. Through their answers you can stimulate critical thinking and illuminate ideas, helping them to develop their own solutions. Ever heard of the Socratic Method? Google it.

Here’s a suggested approach that may be a little easier. Come up with at least three basic questions to ask every potential client. Make these questions a part of every first-time meeting. And make sure at least one of them is personal, not professional. Then listen carefully to the answers. There’s good stuff in there.

Also important are the questions we ask ourselves because they determine what we think about and how often. When your brain is spinning with negative sub-conscious thoughts, just change the questions you are asking yourself!

As I’ve mentioned before, the average 10-year-old asks hundreds of questions a day, but the average adult asks only about 10.

Be curious like a 10-year-old again and ask more questions!


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