March 23, 2015

Learning vs. Doing

I have an age-old problem with one of my boys.  Or maybe it isn’t age-old.  Maybe it’s another one of those problems that my generation has caused by having “ultra-precious” children.  Anyway, my son believes that his less than peak performance in some areas is due to a lack of proper teaching or coaching.  I believe that what he is lacking is effort.  Fortunately for me, and right on cue, one of my favorite authors provided some clarity on the subject in a recent blog about the difference between commitment and technique.

Seth Godin says we spend way too much time teaching technique before gaining commitment or learning technique before making commitment.  He says we can teach ourselves to do most anything as long as we are prepared for the hard work and the long road ahead.  But, sadly, we won’t commit to something until we know we can be good at it.

That’s true, isn’t it?

All three of my children have attended excellent schools.  But in hindsight, those schools are really only excellent for the students who are already committed.  Or for the rare student who turns things around after discovering they are good at something that they also enjoy.  Schools aren’t churning out a successful finished product where once there was no effort, no interest and no belief.  In response to this problem, Seth says schools should focus more on teaching commitment and less on technique.

So what about the workplace?  What could employers do to model, teach and reward commitment?  What could employees do to more proactively (and publicly) commit?

I like this bumper sticker definition:  Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. 

What are YOU committed to?  Email me and let me know!


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