March 2, 2015

Bring It!

The Alpharetta Rotary Club just held its annual Entrepreneurship Training Course, a free, three-day session offering sound advice and inspiration for anyone considering starting a business. It was, once again, a hit for all who attended. But it occurred to me during one of the presentations that we are ALL entrepreneurs.

Even if we think we work for someone else, we really work for ourselves. My daughter and my younger son both work for restaurants and my older son works in retail. They each know they are in charge of whether or not they keep their current job, grow to a better one or get fired (a.k.a., slow money, “mo” money, and no money). It’s all in their hands.

The truth is, whether you realize it or not, you own your own company – and your company is YOU. You pay taxes for your company and you are in charge of its finances and health. You determine your company’s growth and development and you have to be prepared, as best you can, for unforeseen circumstances. You have to always put your best foot forward and be ready to take advantage of opportunities whenever they present themselves.

So if you do work for someone else, act as though you are self-employed – as if every decision you make will affect your bottom line. Because it could. There’s nothing sinister or self-serving here. This line of thinking can only benefit your employer, whoever that is. And if you are consistently doing a great job, someone will notice – even if it isn’t the person who signs your paycheck.

No matter who your boss is, the way you work – every single day – will determine your future. So go ahead – BRING IT!


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